Cisco 3.3.1 SP4 Backup not working - Unknown Error

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Cisco 3.3.1 SP4 Backup not working - Unknown Error

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Good morning,

We are currently running our CSM 3.3.1 on a Server 2003 box. Support wise we knew we had to get CSM onto a new server 2008 64bit box. Our problem is that we have built a new server and installed CSM 4.3 on it but we need the databade from the old CSM to import it in. The backup utility will just not run. After you click apply the backing up window appears for a few seconds and then we receive the attached jpg of Unknown error, please look in the log files. I have looked at the dbbackup.log file while has a modified date of when i attempted the back up but the log file does not change. It still has old data in it from 2010! Any help would be grateful as i am stuck without getting the old data to the new install.

Thanks in advance

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