design guide and installation help for branches

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Re:design guide and installation help for branches

by Guest » Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:27 am

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Re:design guide and installation help for branches

by Guest » Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:02 am

Hi again, i have the link you suggested Doishi, thank you. you have opened my eyes to something we were thinking about, the issue of monitoring many cameras in the HQ, would surely require alot of WAN bandwith.storing the video locally is not a big deal as we can store on 320x240 with mpeg4 and either 10FPS, 5FPS or even 1FPS to limit the storing in every branch or higher if they have a big HDD space. but can we have the monitoring software (SMVMS) in the HQ get stills, rather than Video, from the Branches? in other words can it be programmed to get a single image from each camera every 3 seconds or 5 seconds? thus limiting the bandiwtdh usage. or we need the AVMS, or this is not possible at all?  another work around would be to limit to a single camera per site viewing in the HQ, with 1 FPS and lowest bandwidth used, which would amount to roughly 31Kbps need per camera, and thus very feasible. the problem with getting stills or low FPS in the HQ would be if they choose to deploy a PTZ camera, but then they have the option of upgrading the bandwidth for such needs. another idea, if doable, is to have the SMVMS change the feed from branch to branch based on a time scale, for example show Branch 1 (3 cameras) for 20 seconds, then remove Brance 1, and goto Branch 2 with 2 IP Cameras, then remove Branch 2, goto Branch 3 for 1 IP Camera, and so on, then the viewer can simply click on the branch or camera he needs to monitor for more time and do the PTZ if needed, before going back to the rotating cycle. is this doable? looking forward to your proffsional answer(s) on the stills or rotating camera idea...

Re:design guide and installation help for branches

by Guest » Tue Sep 15, 2009 7:55 am

There are two unique streams that can be setup with unique resoltuion, codec, quality settings, etc.Up to ten unicast users can login to view the camera video streams.  On the VC220/PVC300/VC240, You are able to select which stream you are viewing through a simpe client setting within the browser.  (number of users is different from number of video streams) You can install SWVMS16 at the local branch and at HQ.  You can have each site login to the camera.  (Again, up to 10 unicast users can login to the camera at once.)  Each site can be configured to record the video.  Youll need to make sure you have enough WAN bandwidth to accomplish what you are trying to do. We have a reference calculator posted online to help with evaluating storage and bandwidth requriements.

Re:design guide and installation help for branches

by Guest » Tue Sep 15, 2009 7:11 am

Hi Steven, you hit it wisely with the (time bomb license) for SMBs, the AVMS might not be a good idea price wise, unless they need to monitor all cameras on one PC and to have all the advanced features as well. my 2 last (hopefully) questions here is the following, if you can help please, i know the SMVMS and IP Cameras provide only 2 simultaneous streams. so one would be for viewing in the SMVMS in HQ and the other to store locally in each branch, if one is to log into the IP Camear using  web view, would this also work as the 3rd stream? or one of the streams will stop? finally, can we have SMVMS in the local branch and HQ for the same IP Cameras? thus giving 2 people the ability to view the Cameras and store them as well? many thanks for your replies.

Re:design guide and installation help for branches

by Guest » Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:04 am

The small business cameras allow multiple simultaneous connections so yes, can be monitored from more than one location.  Thats what the monitoring SW does, and can work through firewalls with port forwarding rules, but best with VPN routing of course. The cameras can also send captured data to a destination of your choice in addition to the monitoring (FTP or file share on a Cisco NAS, or an SMTP mail server with a motion detected capture. You should look at the datasheet for AVMS and start with it (time bomb license) so you can decide if you want to buy the license.  If you don , then it reverts to SWVMS16.  There ate many capabilities it has that could make your design and capabilities improved. Steve DiStefanoTechnical Solutions Architect - Partner Sales, USACisco Systems7025 Kit Creek RoadResearch Triangle ParkNorth Carolina, 277091.919.392.6219sdistef@cisco.