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SRW224G4P won retain settings

Linksys, Netgear, ect. Webbase configurations for switches or layer 2 devices.

SRW224G4P won retain settings

Postby Guest » Wed May 25, 2005 9:50 pm

Hello, we have 3 SRW224G4P, we configure them and they work fine. As soon as there is a power failure they all loose some settings and retain others. Im lost.


Information lost includes IP address, VLANS, and VLAN settings for ports however if a port is changed from access to general or trunk, this is retained. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?


Config attached.



Re:SRW224G4P won retain settings

Postby Guest » Wed May 25, 2005 10:12 pm

Hello Cisco / Linksys !!!!!!


I gather by the underwhelming response to this question that the firmware doesn support saving the configuration and that you must go on site and use the serial interface to configure the switch if it looses power.


If that is the case, the switch is a complete piece of rubbish and should never been put on the market. WARNING DONT PURCHASE SRW224G4P SWITCHES!




Re:SRW224G4P won retain settings

Postby Guest » Wed May 25, 2005 10:31 pm

Hi John,


I have forwarded your email to the Linksys team.




Re:SRW224G4P won retain settings

Postby Guest » Wed May 25, 2005 11:20 pm



It sounds like there is something else going on with these switches.  By default, when the SRW224G4P is configured in the Web UI, those settings are saved to the "running-configuration", and the "startup-configuration".  When the device restarts after a power loss, the configuration will load from the "startup-configuration" file and reload all of its settings, prior to the power loss.


I tested this in our lab, just to make sure, by configuring a switch with a non-standard IP address, a few VLANS, and then unplugging the power cable from the back of the switch while the unit was running.  After plugging the cable back in, the switch rebooted, and all of the settings were restored to their last state before the power loss.


Since your switches are losing their configurations, I would first start with ensuring that the switches are up-to-date with the most current firmware version for that device.  I would also look at the power source for the switches, and if possible make sure that they are connected to a UPS with a conditioned line.  At this point, the only explanation I have is that the switches are receiving a power surge before the power loss, and causing the configurations to become corrupted.


If you have any more information, or questions, please let us know.




Re:SRW224G4P won retain settings

Postby Guest » Thu May 26, 2005 12:19 am

Hello Darren, thank you for the reply. Attached is the startup-config copied from the switch using the telnet interface. The switches were configured using the web GUI. The firmware versions are


Boot Version:         1.0.1

Software Version:     1.0.2

Loader Version:       1.0.1

Hardware Version:     R01


Which from what I can see are the current release.


When we called Linksys, the response from the Tech was that the switches don has a reset option so thats how you do a reset. He can issue an RMA but we can expect the new switch to do the same thing. Not a good response.


Just simply turning the power off causes the problem. It doesn just occur when there is a spike etc.


When the system reboots, there are no VLANS, the IP address is and it has to be set up through the serial interface to give it an IP address. Then use the web interface to define VLANS, set up the management VLAN etc. Wastes hours as the GUI is pretty **** anyway.


Heres the boot up after a power off.


User Mode

--- Performing Power-On Self Tests (POST) ---
DUMMY Test 1 ................. PASS
UART Loopback Test ........... PASS
POE UART Loopback Test ....... PASS
DRAM Test .................... PASS
Timer Test ................... PASS
Done All Pass.
------------------ DONE ---------------------

Loading Runtime Image File : SRW224G4P_SRW248G4P_image.bix
Runtime 1.0.2

root init done
Set Transition mode ...
[get stackingMac done ret_val] = 1
Assigned Unit ID:[1]
stacking DB: unit = 0, module type = 0
Finish Set Transition mode ...
Enter Transition mode ...
What happens in the lab when you use my configuration?

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